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Hidden paradise Indonesia in Banyak island - Afftour


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We have Hidden paradise Indonesia in Banyak island - Afftor

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Aceh Singkil. 

Aceh Singkil District is one of the districts in Aceh Province, Indonesia. Aceh Singkil Regency is a division of South Aceh Regency and part of its territory is in the Gunung Leuser National Park area. This regency also consists of two regions, namely land and islands. The islands that are part of the Aceh Singkil Regency are the Banyak Islands. The capital of the Aceh Singkil Regency is located in Singkil.

Singkil itself is on the western route of Sumatra which connects Banda Aceh, Medan, and Sibolga. However, the route is more mountainous and many road access improvements need to be done so that the remoteness of the area can be overcome. It is hoped that shortly Singkil Port can be used as a transit port for the western Sumatra route.

Aceh Singkil Tourism - maybe most people only know Aceh tourist attractions that are famous for their religion.

However, not many people know that in Aceh Singkil there are many interesting tourist attractions to visit because of their extraordinary beauty.

In addition, Aceh Singkil Regency also has many other tours such as culinary tours, nature tours, lakes, islands, beaches, waterfalls, even places that are currently being hit to be used as a hangout place in Aceh Singkil.

Because it keeps a million secrets of tourist attractions that many people haven't obeyed so far.

On this occasion, I will try to recommend Aceh Singkil tourist attractions that you must visit while in Aceh.

Banyak island, Aceh Singkil is a small group of islands in Aceh Singkil Regency, Aceh Province. a total area of ​​27,196 ha.

Banyak island consists of a group of islands that are directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, precisely at the western tip of Sumatra Island.

99 islands in the Banyak Islands cluster are very suitable to be developed into mainstay tourist objects.

Including the natural beauty of the underwater world and green turtles. As an archipelago, Pulau Banyak apart from having a fairly wide sea also has very long and has beautiful beaches, the beaches on Pulau Banyak are not inferior to other beaches in Indonesia.

The white sand is softer, and the shady coconut leaves make the tour more beautiful with the natural view of the tropical beach.

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The beautiful panorama of Sunset is also an exciting spectacle. The Banyak Islands can be reached via Pulo Saruk Village, Aceh Singkil by using a ferry for 4 hours. From Medan, you can take a travel car for Rp. 110,000 which will take you to Pulo Saruk Village by traveling overland for 8 hours. Or if you want a Medan-Singkil flight using a small plane every Wednesday for Rp. 140,000.

There are 12 wave points for surfing that are quite long and reach a height of 6 meters which are spread across Bangkaru Island, the tip of Silingar, and the southern part of Tuangku Island.

The surf points most visited by surfers are Amandangan beach and Pelanggaran beach on Bangkaru Island.

Many of the island's waves that tempt surfers were first discovered by Marcus Keeshan in 2001.

Then he published the greatness of the Bangkaru waves as the best surfing spot in the world. According to him, the waves in this area are ideal for world-class surfers because they reach 6 meters in height. Likewise the location. The water is cold, sharks are rare, the surf spots are one to two meters above the reef and the surf season is relatively long.

The Virgin Islands and Coast in Western Indonesia. This cluster of islands in Aceh Singkil Regency, Aceh is like a virgin because of its unspoiled natural beauty, in the form of clean white sandy beaches, clear seas, and blue skies.

Those are some recommendations for tourist attractions in the Aceh Singkil district that have fantastic beauty that is not inferior to those outside the country.

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