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Beautiful Place and Must be Visited in Lombok - Afftour


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We have a Beautiful Place and Must be Visited in Lombok - Nature Tourism and Culinary


have you ever had a dream that you find yourself in a tropical paradise you don't know how you got there but you're so happy you are then suddenly you hear a strange sound and it becomes louder and louder and then you realize it's your alarm clock reminding you it's time to go to work and so you go back to sleep?

well, this is no dream today I'm taking you along to a tropical paradise to an island you may not have heard of first a quick coffee before we depart with Garuda Indonesia. 

I'm traveling with my friend Richard, so where is Lombok, well you know Bali right that Indonesian island with volcanic mountains rice paddies beautiful beaches, and amazing temples. 

so here we have the island of Bali and right next door is Lombok looks like our pilot,  doesn't like straight lines we arrived at Bali Airport and we were greeted by the elite Haven concierge service which service was incredible, they took care of all the airport headaches I just had to sit and relax they even organized an airport, buggy for our transport to the local airport oh my god it has propellers the truss propellers we were given some treats chocolate cake and mixed nuts the flight actually felt just like any other flight, we just landed in Lombok I can't wait to see how Lombok compares to Bali the International Airport is surprisingly a lot bigger than anticipated. 

Wow, this is awesome my first impression is very similar to Bali but without the traffic jams, I can imagine this is what barely looked like 15 to 20 years ago, we arrived at so long so low a luxury villa resort position on top of a hill with amazing views. 
At r
the manager himself drove us to our villa and I'll show you that a little a bit later this is no dream, what a view to wake up to let me show you the kitchen, oh yeah I wish this was my kitchen all right so today, we're gonna hit the beach and this is the beach, you get to this is one of the top-five nicest features you'll find in Indonesia.

the beach is called so long Bellona it has beautiful soft white sand ain't that cleared to--'cause water your dream off you can also relax on the beach Sun Loungers and soak up some rays there's also some great food from the local beach, warrens it's nice to see such a clean Beach and no one here is trying to sell you anything. 

bomb Bock is a very chilled island if you walk to the end of the beach you'll find a local fishing village with traditional houses right there on the sand you'll see chickens goats and if you're lucky to even buffaloes that's what I love Lombok. 

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 it's not just the beauty of the island, but it's also the culture and the people the locals are friendly and everyone just seems, relaxed and happy that's good even the dogs are chilled so long solo has a selection from one to seven-bedroom villas so there's something for everyone Lyrica breakfast beautiful you can order traditional American style breakfast today, we're going for American just arrived in a river town that's called Puto, it's about a 40-minute drive from where we're staying at the resort of so long and then we're gonna check out for by the shops when traveling the first place, I always like to go to other local markets you seem to learn so much from them Kuta market is definitely well worth a visit and you'll find the food here very very cheap they still use horses and carts for transport and of course being fishing in the village you'll find plenty of fresh local fish these small fish are placed on nets and they're left to dry in the Sun. 

the chickens here they're organic, and when you taste them you'll finally have so much more flavor there's also plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from so you definitely won't go hungry, I love these open-air dining areas Plus These lounge TV rooms surrounded by glass overlooking the pool and the view also makes the perfect office for our dinner tonight, we're having a barbecue the ships will come to your Villa and cook a fresh barbecue on the spot we had prawns squid fresh fish plus an array of sources and side dishes and today we're visiting a very unusual village, we arrived at this amazing little village called Soddy Soddy is a real authentic village. 

and it's now open to tourists to visit it has a very unique culture for starters, they only marry cousins here outsiders are not allowed, because our tradition here that when we married we married with our cousin some people have a question about result when we married our cousin children's, is it okay or not is it but so far recently because it is only the same line, I also have an amazing ritual have a listen to this, we have a tradition that in our house obligation ones among, we have to do a ritual ceremony, we have to wash our house floor with buffalo or cow dung so one hour or two hours house as many, but when it dries not smell anymore, and the reason why we use buffalo or cow because buffalo or cow it is the animal, that was we sacrifice or what we're offering so the buffalo or cow is a sacred animal so the provement we lost was inside, them now there are 150 authentic houses here with a population of 700 a village received. 

electricity only 7 years ago this lady is still pounding coffee, they are fashion way and you can also buy a fresh cup of coffee, it's quite interesting that for marriage the boy has to steal or kidnap the girl there are no asking parents for permission, that's forbidden if the girl doesn't accept and rejects the boy is penalized with a fine, what an interesting culture they also add some rice to the coffee beans before they pounded this way the coffee results in a creamier finish, the Mandela car is a Kudo resort development project it's surrounded by On another beautiful beach we stop for a quick lunch before heading back to the villa. 

we were amazed to see the old fashion style petrol station the whole family gets involved, I'm just honoring a mere we used Whatsapp on the mobile phone, at the resort supplies you just talking what you wanted, they deliver you the food so some suit some fish if I get some dessert tonight just saying, and it's delivered straight from the kitchen to your door, oh yeah Asian style seafood booyah base that sound is from a gecko that's right this little guy, we're having breakfast and it's our last warning he rats along with solo we're having a mixture of western and the traditional breakfast it was stomped a chick app and say goodbye but now we're on our way to the next exciting villa make sure you watch the next episode.

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