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Pulo Aceh Vacation - Afftour


Pulo Aceh

Pulo Aceh

Pulo Aceh

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Confused about where to go on vacation?

We have Pulo Aceh Vacation - Nature Tourism and Culinary


Aceh is a province in Indonesia whose capital city is Banda Aceh. 
Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has been given the status of a special region and is also given special autonomy authority. 
Aceh is located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra and is the westernmost province of Indonesia.

A trip to Pulo Aceh (Aceh Island), one of the exotic islands in the western part of Aceh, nature is still very natural, with a population of around 4000 people on Breueh Island and around 3000 people on Nasi Island. 
Besides the beautiful beaches on Breueh Island, there is a very historic building, namely the Dutch heritage lighthouse named Willem Toren. 
This building is still very well preserved and it is said that this building only has 3 pieces left in the world, one of which is on Breueh Island.

Indeed, the route is rather difficult to take if the physique is not excellent. 
However, once you arrive at the lighthouse, fatigue will decrease when you enjoy the panoramic views of the beach and mountains from a height.

William's Torrent lighthouse was built by the Dutch Colonial in the archipelago in 1875. 

This European-style building is erected on a steep rock and juts directly into the sea. 
The local community calls the lighthouse the name of the lamp. 
The thickness of the building reaches one meter, with a height of 85 meters.

Mercusuar Willem Toren III

Pulo Aceh is the outer island of the Aceh Besar District. 
This island holds a million beauties that have not been explored as a whole.

The view of Pulo Aceh is not inferior to the beautiful scenery in the branch, even Pulo Aceh has a more natural tour because it has not been touched much.

The livelihoods of the Pulo Aceh community are part of attractive and friendly tourism and are easy to socialize with newcomers.

This less densely populated island is very comfortable and calm to be enjoyed in the morning for heaven-seekers, with beautiful natural scenery and beaches. 

Melingge Harbor can be reached in about 3 hours drive from Banda Aceh using a fishing boat which is anchored at Gugop then continue the journey to Melingge by motorbike, through steep, slippery roads with amazing sea views.

The panoramic view of white sand beaches, beautiful lush green forests that refresh the eye, various species of fish and beautiful coral reefs are actually assets that can be sold from Melingge Village. 
But the problem comes during the rainy season, access to Melingge Village becomes difficult. 
The stone path, steep and slippery, and the thick forest around the path are a challenge, you have to be extra careful here. 
This should receive special attention from the authorities.

The people of Breueh Island are friendly, they always offer to help the migrants, you will feel like visiting your distant relative's place here. 

There is a strong sense of kinship on Breueh Island.

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There are no luxury hotels like those in popular tourist spots that you often see on television. 

But don't worry, the residents here will offer their houses to just be a place for you to take shelter and lay your back, or if you want to camp it's fine as long as you have permission from the local authorities.

What are the highlights of Rinon Port? Of course the naturalness of the place! This place is surrounded by majestic mountains, also friendly local people. 

Apart from that, one thing that cannot be missed is the moment of the sunset.

The natural panorama of this place at dusk will make us feel at home and addicted to wanting to visit here again. 

It is amazingly beautiful and calms the mind, watching the vast ocean so clear that even the contents of the sea can be seen.

And at sunset, you will find the sun returning to the mix against a mountainous background, as well as small islands from the port.

Breuh Island can only be reached by a fishing boat, either if you want to go to or out of the island. If you want to go out, then when the stars are still decorating the night sky to be precise at 3.30 am, you should hurry to Rinon Port. 

There is no other transportation to Banda Aceh other than at that hour. 

Several residents who wanted to buy necessities in Banda Aceh also participated, motorbikes were neatly lined up on the boat and then prepared to leave for the morning from the boat to Banda Aceh.

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