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Top Fun Things to Do in Takengon - Afftour

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We have Top Fun Things to Do in Takengon - Nature Tourism and Culinary


Takengon is the capital of Central Aceh Regency, Aceh Province, Indonesia. Takengon is located on the side of Lake Laut Tawar, Lut Tawar sub-district in the middle of Aceh province. Takengon is a plateau that is cool with an altitude of about 1200 m above sea level. Around Takengon there are many tourist attractions, including Lake Laut Tawar in Laut Tawar sub-district, Bebesen sub-district, and Keb Kebayaan sub-district, Puteri Pukes cave in Keb Kebayaan sub-district, and Pantan Terong in Bebesen sub-district.
The population of Takengon consists of various tribes and ethnicities. The majority of the population of Takengon are Acehnese, in addition, there are many other tribes such as Javanese, Acehnese, Minangkabau, and Chinese.
The Acehnese are the original Takengon people.

Number 1. 

Lake Lau Tawar

Lake Lau Tawar

Lake Lau Tawar. 

The fresh sea lake is the largest in the province of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam. The tribe that lives here is the Gayo tribe. 

They have a regional language that is different from other Acehnese languages.
During the trip around this lake, there will be many views of the coffee garden. 

Coffee thrives and is of good quality. 

This is because the climate, temperature, and surrounding land are suitable for growing coffee.

Number 2.

Putri Pukes Cave

Putri Pukes Cave.

This cave represents a legend about Putri Pukes, a princess who lives in Tanah Gayo, Aceh. 

In this cave, there is a stone which is believed to be Princess Pukes. 

He used to turn to stone for not doing what his mother ordered him to do. 

The legend there says that the stone sometimes cries and the tears that come out turn to stone. 

The size of the stone that is there can be enlarged because the stone is crying.
This legend is an interesting story that lures tourists to come to visit Putri Pukes Cave. Because they want to see it in person.

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Number 3.

Bukit Pantan Terong

Bukit Pantan Terong.

From Takengon city, the distance to this place is about 7.5 kilometers. 

Not too far, only took 15 minutes. 

When visiting this place, it is hoped that you will be careful because of the steep roads. 

This place is perfect for releasing fatigue and refreshing the mind. 

Because of this place, we can see the beauty of the fresh sea lake.

Number 4.

Reje Ilang Waterfall

Reje Ilang Waterfall.

Here you will enjoy a natural shower, bathe under the cool flowing water that falls. There is a uniqueness in this Reje Ilang waterfall that may not be owned by many waterfall tourist sites in other places. Generally, visitors to the waterfall can only enjoy the view of the waterfall from the front or the side, Raje Ilang waterfall can be enjoyed by visitors from all sides, both front side, and back. 

The back of the waterfall is in the form of a small cave, a sloping stretch that visitors can use to enjoy the waterfall from the back, and if visitors enjoy the waterfall from the front, the crystal clear Reje Ilang waterfall also invites visitors to take a bath there, enjoy the splash of the waterfall. , visitors feel like they are enjoying nature's "reflexology", the slashing of the water that falls from that height, feels massaging the visitors' bodies.

Number 5.

Bie Homestay

Bie Homestay

Bie Homestay.

maybe it is no stranger to Acehnese teenagers especially for celebrities because this place offers very unique lodging with a beautiful natural atmosphere in Takengon and is faced with beautiful mountain views or also known as a cold city.
Located on Jl. Puteri pukes village, Kala Lengkio, Kebayaan, Aceh Tengah District, Aceh 24519 which approximately takes about 12 minutes from Takengon town to reach the destination.

And, one of the events that really attracts the attention of local people or newcomers is a horse racing event in Pegasing, Central Aceh which is usually held in mid-August to welcome and celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day which takes half an hour of travel and horse racing to welcome the new year at jadirejo villages, Bukit, Bener Meriah. 

the event is also not far from Takengon, Central Aceh, it only takes about half an hour's drive.

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