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The Best Tourist Places to Visit in Malaysia - Afftour

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We have The Best Tourist Places to Visit in Malaysia - Nature Tourism and Culinary

hey, guys, we want to share our new favorite destination when people think of Malaysia, they usually only think of Kuala Lumpur in the West peninsula but today we're gonna talk about a lesser-known part of Malaysia called Borneo. 
Borneo is made up of three countries Brunei Indonesia and Malaysia, but for now, let's just focus on Malaysian Borneo so without further ado let's jump into our top five things to do in Borneo. 


Number 5. 
Kuching Sarawak

Kuching Sarawak. 

if you didn't already know this Malaysians love their food from an outsider's point of view you could say that's the most important part of their culture and we loved every second of it people from all around the world travel to Kuching Sarawak to try a famous dish called Sarawak locks even the great Anthony Bourdain steamed laksa as the breakfast of the gods that's when you know it's gotta be good although Kuching is known for its food you can see some of the most unique architecture and murals that highlight Sarawak culture but if you're trying to take a break from the city and maybe burn off some of those calories the outskirts of Kuching is filled with tons of national parks we ended up taking a day trip to Bako National Park and we were able to see silver leaf monkeys and even wild boars digging up crabs on the beach that is the cutest thing ever he's digging something up maybe crabs I went up to eat crabs look at him oh I think you got a crab. 

Number 4.
Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu. 

there's a lot to do in Kota Kinabalu truly has something for everyone you can visit Saba's largest MOC and learn about Islam, while getting to gear up into jobs and traditional clothing hey k city has awesome night markets from the Filipino night market to the weekend market you really can't go wrong we're looking for food,  we're looking for the best ride during, the day you can sunbathe and swim at Tong Zhong guru the beach here's a little secret from the another side, if you walk all the way down to the beach and some about 25 meters out there is an amazing spot to snorkel, out where nobody else is and no one really knows about at night Tong Zhong guru Beach is known for its beautiful sunset, again if you walk all the way down the beach, you are sure to beat the crowds that you might run into if you were sitting at the beach one probably the best thing to do in KK is to island-hop off the coast of KK lies five islands Gaea mana pond toffee Mammootty and Scoobies we loved island hopping and was fairly cheap it cost each of us around five dollars to visit one island when you're on the islands, you can snorkel of course and there are also really great spots to relax and take pictures just ask the Chinese woman that made you take a photoshoot over some lady that started telling us to take pictures she wouldn't stop, one of the main reasons people come to KK is to climb Mount Kinabalu which brings us to our third destination. 

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Number 3. 
Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu

and Kinabalu National Park Mount Kinabalu is 4095 meters tall and is the highest mountain in all of Southeast Asia, that's tall like I said people come here to climb the mountain,  unfortunately, you haven't gotten the chance to get around to it yet, but we definitely want to do it soon we took a day trip from Kinabalu national park and was one of the most fun days, we ever had we drove up with some local sabaton friends who showed us the ropes on how to travel the park the right way the new CC of the mountain, the whole trip up is absolutely breathtaking we stopped at all the food destinations and main attractions including Kunda Thon and Destler dairy farms use a smart cow there are otters look at the daughters to be quite honest Kinabalu national park itself was not nearly as enjoyable as the stops, we made along the way this year is chicken ass bone cartilage time it's a legit fried elite I know it's a cliche but let's just say the journey was better than the destination our favorite part of the whole trip was trying to feel Ibaka which means smoked wild boar in English this is a must-do if you visit the park there are many places at the bottom of the mountain, that serves this dish but we had ours at 16 Cafe which has to be the best there's a link in the description to location if you're interested in trying the best wild boar ever just look at how delicious it is Ian may dream about laksa but I dream about wild boar, this is the best meat we've had I think in Southeast Asia alright final words come from my inner Gordon Ramsay that was bloody delicious thank you yeah. 

Number 2. 


Semporna isn't really your next destination, but it serves as a gateway to some of the world's best dive sites instead, there are so many different options right off the coast to choose from we stayed in a house on stilts in the middle of the sea near bum bum Island, we chose env divers as our dive company because their environmental initiatives three times a day they clean up the garbage out of the sea and are teaching kids the importance of saving our beautiful waters we loved and divers but there are many companies you can go through the key tip here is to choose a dive company that provides trips to sip it on is only 120 permits are issued every day which is really not a lot, Sipadan has been voted the number one dive site in the world and for great reasons famous for massive schools of fish tornadoes a barracuda hundreds of turtles, and beautiful coral reefs diving sipping on and the surrounding islands was one of the craziest activities, we have ever done if you're not a diver though do not stray away from the sipping on area there are so many other options for you, you can island-hop hike up picturesque viewpoints and snorkels the same spots where we do' all-in-all sip it on is an underwater paradise and you don't want to miss out. 

Number 1. 


on first we want to start off by letting you know that once again the best adventures are a drive from the city we suggest you stay in the sand doc on it and figure out the best tour that fits your itinerary needs for us that were a four-day three-night tour with River junkies on On the tour we went to five main stops our the first destination was turtle island there are many turtle islands in this area but the one we went to was selling an island where we saw mom lay her eggs and watch baby turtles make their way to the sea we spent the night on the island in the The next day we visited the cephalic orangutan rehabilitation center orangutangs are an endangered species so it is extremely important that Malaysia is doing this yeah they're just climbing everywhere I did not expect this tour to be like this next,, we went to our favorite part of the trip which was the Kena Bataan on River we spent 2 days and 2 nights in the river and got very lucky because we saw the big five wild pygmy elephants which are the smallest in the world proboscis monkeys who have been called the weirdest looking animals wild arrange things only are seen in Sumatra and Borneo crocodiles and Malaysia's national bird On the horn bell on the last day of the trip we went to a massive cave that we have named the cockroach capital of the world it really did feel like we were in an Indiana Jones movie was kind of creepy if you end up choosing the same tour we did we highly suggest the best tour guide in the world our friend the animal we're the most memorable time with him and his team as they made this experience one we will never forget um you know give me a word. 
all right I hope you enjoy that the reason we made this video is that we really really love Malaysia and we want more people to come, to visit so down in the comments below everyone hashtag visits Malaysia 2020, and let's try and get more people to come here baby if you're interested in traveling Borneo yourself.

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