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Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Afftour


Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Afftour

Best Summer Destinations in India– to see

Most of the places in India possess a very hot climate in summer, therefore; people usually prefer to visit various cool destinations to get rid of this searing atmosphere. Summer vacation can be described as the time to get out of daily busy schedules and chill out. Children get holidays from school so they have a great time for fun in the summer season. The Best Summer Destinations in India not greet only Indian people but also welcome people from all around the world.

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1. Pithoragarh

Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Nature Tourism and Clinary

Pithoragarh is generally known as Little Kashmir. It is the doorway to the Himalaya s from the north side since pilgrims walk by its town to the Kaila's Lake in Mansarovar and Om Parvat. It is situated at an average of 1, 635 m from the sea level in the Uttarakhand district. It is surrounded by the big icy mountains that make the weather of Pithoragarh cooler. Around one- the third part of the Pithoragarh Valley is covered with snow. The snowcaps and glaciers, flowing rivers, lakes, coniferous forests, and verdant alpine meadows are the major attractions of the Pithoragarh. You will surely enjoy different exciting sports at this place such as gliding, trekking, canoeing, skiing, fishing as well as river rafting.

This destination is also well-known for its cultural-religious fairs which are commemorated all through the year. For example, the ‘ Jaul Jibi fair’ is organized during each autumn which is famous for copper pots, woolens, and small, shaggy-maned Himalayan horses. The famous visiting places of Pithoragarh include Pithoragarh fort, kapileshwar Mahadev temple, Khwaja temple, thal Kedar, champawat, Chanda K, gangolihat, ascot sanctuary, and dharchula. The favorable time to visit Pithoragarh is during April- June, and September- October.

2. Majuli

Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Nature Tourism and Clinary

This is the largest river island in India which is positioned in the Brahmaputra valley in Assam. It is most liked by the visitors because of its bio-diversity. It contains a rich ecosystem with snow-capped mountains as well as unusual strains of flora and fauna. The experience of boat riding in the river is amazing! If you visit this place on a bus or bike then also nature will welcome you with open hands. You will find variation in all the things at Majuli whether it is in fauna, plants, or people.

The rarely found birds can be seen here like Greater Adjutant Stork, Whistling Teal, and Siberian Crane in addition to the flocks of dark wild ducks and geese. The 22 Satras or Gurukuls are the popular Vaishnav monasteries for tourists. Some of these Satras have collections of Assamese pottery, handicrafts, and prayer horns which seem like the mirror of the culture and tradition of Assam. The Potteries created in the Majuli are much liked by the tourists. They are made from the beaten clay and then scorched in driftwood-fired furnaces in the same way as during the ancient Harappan Civilisation time. You will feel this place like the paradise of Earth.

3. Charabra

Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Nature Tourism and Clinary

This place is also known as the Mashobra. It is situated in the upper region of Himachal Pradesh. The Charabra hill station is one of the highest destinations in Himachal Pradesh as it is located at 8, 350 feet above sea level. The beauty of this place is spellbinding as it is covered with the virgin woods of pine and cedar. You will completely merge with the beauty of verdant valleys while trekking these picturesque mountain trails.

The exotic fragrance of the flowers like potentilla, crane’s bill, dog violets, cobra lily, etc between the forests of pine as well as cedar will provide you peace and tranquility. You will have also the fun of a yak ride at the Kalyani heliport in Charabra near Kufri. You will be able to see the classic hill architecture-styled cottage of Priyanka Gandhi, an Indian politician at Charabra.

4. Kohima

Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Nature Tourism and Clinary

Kohima is the capital of one of the states of India, Nagaland. Earlier, it was called the Thigoma; this name was originated from the wild flowering plant, Kew Hi which is seen in the Nagaland Mountains. The views of Naga Hills are eye-catching. It seems like that the beauty of nature is contained in a lap of this place. It is known for its splendid atmosphere and virgin look throughout the year. Furthermore, the experience of roaming on the zigzag roads of Kohima is totally different.

This place also bears historical significance because this is the site of the fight between British and Japanese troops during World War II. Here the memorial of War Cemetery is positioned in honor of all courageous soldiers who lost their lives during World War II. You can see some rarely found species of birds and animals at Zoological Park in Kohima such as golden langurs Blythe’s Tragopan, and Orchids. The Nagaland State Museum reserves a typical gathering of articles of various tribes that glimpse the Nagas' history and traditions. The duration of spring and autumn seasons is best to visit this place. The Cathedral of Reconciliation and Bara Basti are also famous places among tourists.

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5. Renuka Lake

Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Nature Tourism and Clinary
Renuka Lake

This hill resort located in Himachal Pradesh is known for its religious holiness. It is also recognized as the Renhukaji town. The main thing about this place is that only a few people know about it and till today just some people have visited it. Renuka Lake is the chief attraction at Renuka Ji. It is believed as the incarnation of the wife of sage Jamdagini and Parashurama smother, Renuka Ji. Another lake, Parashurama Lake is a big pool at the base of Renuka Lake. It is said that the‘ Lord Parashurama’ wanted to spend his entire life at the feet of her mother so it has been positioned at the base of Renuka Lake.

Renuka is also well-known for the natural appearance of dense forests as well as varied flora and fauna. You can watch the various species of animals such as Asiatic lions, lion-tailed macaques, Mithun, spotted deer, nilgai, Himalayan black bears, and barking deer in Mini Zoo near Renuka Lake. For people who are crazy about lions, Lion Safari will be thrilling them. An armored van is available here which helps to take a close shot of the lion. In addition, take pleasure in surrounding nature, you can feel the pious peace here at the temples near the peaks of Jammu. Moreover, Jammu Peak above Renuka Lake presents a wonderful bird’s eye view. It is supposed as the place where Rishi Jamadagini meditated. You can visit this place at any time because its weather remains pleasant during the whole year.

6. Sivasagar

Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Nature Tourism and Clinary

The modern name of an ancient town now throbs with the activities of a full-fledged industrial town. Nevertheless, the district can still conjure up images of historic wonder and obtained, its pinnacle during the reign of Ahom kings. This is the place from which the Ahoms ruled the whole province of Assam from 1228 to 1826.

Presently, Sivasagar presents the unique spectacle of the industrial transformation of a silent town in the backdrop of relics of bygone days. Situated at a distance of 350 kilometers from Guwahati, Siva- Sagar( earlier known as Rangpur) was the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from 1699- to 1788. The town, dedicated to Lord Siva- its name literally meaning the ocean of Siva- is strewn with tell-tale ruins of a powerful empire.

7. Kamakhya Temple

Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Nature Tourism and Clinary
Kamakhya Temple

The temple of Kamakhya Devi, the goddess of tantric Shaktism, is situated on the Neelachal Hill, 8 km northwest of the city. This temple is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in India for Hindus. The present structure with its Assamese beehive-shaped shikhara dates to the 17th century after the original temple was destroyed by the Muslim invaders.

The deity is said to have special power associated with energy and creation. Every day, a goat is sacrificed here as part of the tantric rituals. The shrine is widely visited by devotees from all over India during the colorful Ambubachi festival, which marks the end of the earth’s menstrual cycle.

8. Munnar

Best Places for Summer Holiday Destinations in India - Nature Tourism and Clinary

is one of the most naturally beautiful hills- stations in Southern India. This little town boasts of many colonial bungalows, tea factories, wildlife sanctuaries, and lakes. Literally meaning 3 rivers, Munnar is situated on the confluence of three rivers– Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. 1600 m above sea level, this hill station was once the summer resort of the erstwhile British Government in South India.

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