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How I Make Money as a Professional Travel Blogger - Afftour


How I Make Money as a Professional Travel Blogger - Afftour

Three popular ideas today, and not particularly in this order, are: working from home, running a travel business, and blogging on the Internet. It’s no secret that as computers and the Internet grow in popularity, so do the numbers of people who leave their jobs daily round the world to work from home. And it’s also no secret that the travel industry is among those industries earning big bucks, as referenced by Coastal Vacation and others in the trillions of dollars category earners. Plus it’s no secret that blogging is a blockbuster idea, a new concept that took off at the end of the 1990s. 
3 Ways To Make Money From Working At Home With Coastal Vacations And A Blog
Coastal Vacation

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But look out when you combine all three of these big ideas together. They can sure pack a powerful punch! And here are three ways to turn this punch into profits…

How I Make Money as a Professional Travel Blogger

1. Working at home, Coastal Vacation, and blogging are all easy to do, quick to set up. No excuses. Just set up - and start selling! 
There is no huge learning curve with any of these ideas. You’re probably already online reading this, and at home, so hook up a blog in a jiff at a cheap place like for roughly $2.99 per month, unless you know how to set up and maintain a WordPress blog on your own hosting. Learn more about Coastal Vacations and ask how to get started with your own package, even if you go in on one with others in your family or other friends, etc. And voila, you’re up and running! 

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2. Working at home, Coastal Vacation, and blogging are all authentic. Get your ducks in a row, then start selling, start earning.
Who hasn’t had enough with hype, cheap products and services, and downright junk? Well, you get none of that with this powerful trio. With more and more people working from home today than ever before, at-home status is no longer taboo in the business world. People have earned the right to work from home, even many trusted travel agents and sales representatives who earn a good living online from home posting to their blogs with helpful articles, full-color product brochures, multi-media files like movies, and more. Add your authentic materials and other info to your blog; testimonials, product info, personal bio, multi-media files, etc., and stand out from the crowd. 

3. Working at home, Coastal Vacation, and blogging can all be marketed in many ways as one solid package chock-full of benefits to make you more money. 
Use any number of these ways - - and more - - and start selling, start earning:
-With e-mail marketing.  Send out brief e-mail messages to friends, prospects, and website visitors with teasers or email sigs (signatures) that link to your blog.  
-With autoresponder series and a subscription to your blog. Invite people to subscribe to your blog and to autoresponder messages about your products and services so they’ll learn more and become customers, referring their friends and family, too.
-With surveys, RSS feeds, and comments. 
Invite interaction by submitting your blog’s RSS feeds to RSS directories, and through surveys on your blog. 
Invite comments on blog posts, too. 
So give this powerful trio a try. 
Working at home, Coastal Vacation, and blogging can help you with a powerful option to get ahead today.

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